About Us

Ormax Media

Ormax Media was founded on July 28, 2008 by Vispy Doctor and Shailesh Kapoor. It is India's first and only insights firm specializing in the media & entertainment industry. The firm's work spans across categories such as television, films, radio, print and branded entertainment. Over the last six years, we have more than 20 products to cater to common industry needs.

All our work is centered towards one objective - to increase our business partners' profitability by equipping them with insights that are relevant and actionable to them at that stage of their business. We use various techniques such as quantitative research, qualitative research, secondary research and consulting frameworks to achieve this objective. However, in our view, the technique is secondary and the objective is paramount.

There are many "research companies" and we are often called as one. But it's not a description that we like, because we see ourselves as business partners to more than 80 media & entertainment firms that we work with. Our expertise of more than 500 media & entertainment projects over the last five years equips us with an unmatchable domain expertise advantage.

Having said that, we are not limited by scale when it comes to research. We have conducted field research in more than 240 towns in India so far. We have our in-house team or affiliates in various key towns in the country. We also run India's most advanced CATI (Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews) setup in Surat, Gujarat, with a capacity of 80,000 calls per month.

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Who is an Ormax Panelist & how to become one?

An Ormax Panelist is part of Ormax's Online Research Program. The Surveys are sent across to panel members based on their interests that they mention at the time of registration and in their profile. He/she can always view the series of the surveys taken, points earned and further request payouts as per reward system.

To become a panelist:
  • Register with an email ID that you access frequently. Surveys come with an expiry date or validity, make sure you don't miss them!
  • Fill your personal details and choose from various set of options about your interests and socio-economic classifications.
  • You register for free so you are never obliged to any kind of service towards Ormax, participating in a survey is entirely based on user's discretion.
  • You can always view your earned reward points in your account, and request for a payout as per the rewards system of the program.